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Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra

Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra

Is the Founder and Managing Director of Singapore-headquartered Talent Leadership Crucible (TLC), which does corporate culture work to shift people’s mindsets, to make possible what seems impossible. She is the Co-Founder of Impact Velocity, a high-powered, influential, and exclusive members’ network with a singular shared vision of People Development, Planet Renewal, and Prosperity Sharing. Dr. Ramesh is an expert in family businesses with practical experience in resolving deep-seated conflicts, navigating family succession tensions, onboarding the next-gen, and building a trans-generational future and legacy. Dr. Ramesh provides executive coaching to C-suite executives worldwide, in addition to authoring books and sitting on Boards of other companies.


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The Big Jump into Entrepreneurship 2.0

Entrepreneurship is a business journey that is full of unexpected twists and turns, requiring you to pivot numerous times before finding the path to success.

Here’s a step-by-step guide that provides the inspiration, motivation and guidance you need to successfully start a business.

Welcome to a Fresh New Take on Entrepreneurship by Combining Humor with Authentic Advice – Make The Big Jump and Begin Your Journey to Starting
a Successful Business!

What are my entrepreneurship options?
How can I build an entrepreneurial mindset for success?
Learn step-by-step: How to start a business - From idea, to business plan, to launching your business.
Tap on your existing abilities to become a successful entrepreneur.
Navigate disruption effectively.


Dr. Ramesh has vast experience in managing people and bringing people and ideas together. This is evident in how she is able to work cross-cultures and with multi-generational family businesses. I believe what sets Dr. Ramesh apart is her clarity of mind on what needs to be done which is so well-balanced with a calm demeanor and attentive listening skills.
Dr. Kevin Cheong
Chairman, Association of Singapore Attractions
It is a pleasure to work with Dr. Ramesh – Honest, straight and insightful. She gets to the heart of issues very quickly and always gets the best out of me. With her intense focus combined with compassion, Dr. Ramesh is always looking to make an impact here and now.
Subba Vaidyanathan
Mind Athlete & Co-Founder of BeingSattvaa
The partnership with Dr. Ramesh has been an outstanding experience. She never fails to maintain an impeccable level of professionalism and brings a broad perspective to the projects that we have collaborated on. I have high regard for her incredible knowledge, attention to detail and creative approach to bring our programs to fruition.
Dr. Nisha
Founder & Principal Consultant, Elevated Consultancy & Training
Dr. Ramesh is a gifted leader, entrepreneur, collaborator, and encourager. She not only possesses a keen business sense, she is able to bring out the best in others so they can become their best selves. I’m excited that she has updated her book, The Big Jump into Entrepreneurship – a very useful resource for entrepreneurs and developing an entrepreneurial mindset.
Christy Davis
Director, Back Porch Partners


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