Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra is the Founder and Managing Director of Singapore-headquartered Talent Leadership Crucible (TLC), which does corporate culture work shifting people’s mindsets, to make possible what seems impossible. She is the Co-Founder of Impact Velocity, a high-powered, influential and exclusive members’ network with a singular shared vision of People Development, Planet Renewal and Prosperity Sharing. Dr. Ramesh is an expert in family businesses with practical experience in resolving deep-seated conflicts, navigating family succession tensions, onboarding the next-gen, and building a trans-generational future and legacy. Dr. Ramesh provides executive coaching to C-suite executives worldwide, in addition to sitting on Boards of other companies. She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from Singapore Management University (SMU) and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Monash, Australia.

Over the past few decades, Dr. Ramesh’s passion for helping women overcome barriers such as power structures to take on roles that involve decision-making, leadership, and entrepreneurship has impacted thousands of women and men worldwide. Dr. Ramesh has been recognized by Asia Week as one of Asia’s most influential women and by Barrier Breakers as a notable woman barrier breaker. She has also been featured in the Commonwealth Secretariat’s publication as a case study on women entrepreneurship. Her remarkable grass-roots work in empowering women has made her a sought-after speaker. As a UNDP/UNOFEM consultant, she worked on a gendered enterprise development project in Pyongyang, North Korea.

As serial entrepreneur, Dr. Ramesh has successfully raised millions of dollars in venture funds, set up regional offices, managed business mergers, taken charge of public offering application processes as well as undertaken the liquidation of a failed business. Having risen above several personal and professional crises in her life, Dr. Ramesh believes that when one is able to alter the perception of how a crisis shows up, one gains the space to be able to learn from these life challenges. She says, “Having a coach or a mentor is always useful to getting the needed support from someone who would listen, help one to get unstuck and reframe fixed perspectives” to better survive and thrive through life’s difficult journeys.

Dr. Ramesh has worked with thousands of individuals and teams to unleash their entrepreneurial aspirations. Her work begins with what it takes for them to embrace entrepreneurship, especially overcoming the fear of failure and loss of face. She then takes them through the process of opportunity identification, evaluation and implementation until the new venture is viable. Listen to The Big Jump into Entrepreneurship 2.0 book podcast for the examples she shares – About a company pivoting to manufacturing, from being a distributor; Or the story of a third-gen family member who left the family business to start his own business. With the new digital skillsets he learnt, he ultimately was able to share this critical know-how to contribute to the original family firm a few years later. Dr. Ramesh’s enabling role in these entrepreneurial journeys is strategic – as facilitator, coach, mentor and consultant or even as an angel investor.

Dr. Ramesh’s latest book is particularly relevant in today’s digital era of disruption. The way we do business is rapidly being transformed and entrepreneurship is a highly sought-after skill. The Big Jump into Entrepreneurship is the complete step-by-step guide for the thousands of people who dream of defining their own work and building something great. This book is a reliable companion to activate an entrepreneurial mindset and ensure your new business gets off to a good start. If starting a business is not your cup of tea, then simply look to develop the skillsets of being resourceful in life.

In addition to Dr. Ramesh’s work writing, podcasting, teaching and consulting, she currently leads Talent Leadership Crucible (TLC), which is an Asia-centric consulting firm specializing in shifting people from performing at an individual level to engaging at a collective level to produce the results that count for them, the organization and the future – The Collective Advantage™️. Dr. Ramesh was born in Sri Lanka, educated in Singapore, Australia and the United States and currently lives with her family in Singapore/Vietnam.



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